Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Get His First Oscar Engraved Then Die a Happy Person

It's better than Christmas morning. And your birthday.

At the 88th Academy Awards last night, Leo finally took the gold for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his spectacular job in The Revenant and today it’s like the whole Internet is on Prozac.


Everyone knows his turn to hold a shiny gold man statue as striking as himself and of his very own was long overdue (like, 8,054 days and six nominations overdue) and we’re all pretty much feeling like:


We know you’re planning on keeping these GIFs on loop at all times for the rest of your days, but new material has come through that’s a full display of bae on his shining day. (I meant to rhyme that much because I’m that *happy*.)

In this incredibly adorable video with perfection that will give you heart palpitations, an eager Leo is waiting to get his very first Oscar engraved with his name and e-v-e-r-y-thing. <3

Like a small kid, he leans over the counter, tries to act nonchalant, anxiously drums his fingers, innocently asks: “I have to maintain it?” (like it won’t be the best job of his life) and shamelessly smiles, looking down at his prize like it’s a newborn child.

Like Leo, this video will never age.

Re-watch the iconic moment of Leo accepting his first Oscar here:

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