Moments from the 2016 Oscars That Made You Go “WTF?”

On a scale of one to Chrissy Teigen's face, how awkward were the Oscars last night?

Let’s hear it for the 88th Academy Awards! They may have been long as hell and chock-full of extremely uncomfortable moments, but you have to admit: You were highly entertained, weren’t you?

We may never know what Olivia Wilde was thinking while Sacha Baron Cohen resurrected Ali G. We may never know why Sacha Baron Cohen resurrected Ali G. We definitely won’t get an explanation for why Kevin Hart was bleeped out and we’ll probably never understand Sarah Silverman’s jokes. Ever.

These moments from the 2016 Oscars were just some of those that made you go “WTF?” and we put together a list of instances from last night’s show that elicited the same reaction. Ladies and gentleman, the award for Most WTF Moments Over the Course of Three Hours goes to: The 2016 Academy Awards.

  • When Kevin Hart was bleeped out for no apparent reason

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    Hart appeared to be saying “congratulations” while introducing The Weeknd when he was suddenly bleeped out. The LA Times reports that Hart hadn’t rehearsed his speech beforehand, so perhaps that’s why he was bleeped out (?). Still, what gives?

  • When Ali G arrived on stage

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    Oh, to be Olivia Wilde in this moment. Is there an upcoming movie starring Ali G that we don’t know about, yet? Does anyone care?

  • When no one got the Suge Knight joke

    NOTE: Suge Knight was not present at last night’s awards show. He’s in jail right now, facing serious time for murder charges. Chris Rock was only poking fun at Knight, via the actor (R. Marcos Taylor) who played him in the film Straight Outta Compton.

  • When no one got Sarah Silverman’s jokes, either

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    It was a mixture of people wondering what the hell had just happened with Stacey Dash and why the hell Sarah Silverman was talking about James Bond.

  • When Leonardo DiCaprio went off about Mother Earth

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    The 2016 Oscars-turned-Hollywood Climate Change Conference.

  • Sam Smith’s performance

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    We need a better sound check on that one.

  • When no one clapped for Jenny Beavan

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    Costume Designer Jenny Beavan was making her way to the stage to accept the award for Best Costume Design for Mad Max: Fury Road when Hollywood movers and shakers refused to clap for her. Some even rolled their eyes at her outfit choice: a leather jacket and scarf.

  • When the In Memoriam tribute left out Abe Vigoda, Tony Burton and more

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    The Oscars’ In Memoriam tribute left out (at least) Geoffrey Lewis, Tony Burton, Joan Leslie, George Gaynes, Abe Vigoda and Uggie the Dog. Lewis’ daughter tweeted about the blunder, saying, “@TheAcademy It was an obvious oversite not mentioning my father #GeoffreyLewis beloved by all. At the end of the day its just a tv show ✌️.” Another WTF moment: Dave Grohl singing “Blackbird.”

  • When these kids did a better job presenting than most adults do

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    Jacob Tremblay (Room) and Abraham Attah (Beasts of No Nation) stole last night’s show. Oscars 2017 hosts, anyone?

  • Stacey Dash’s general presence

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    Stacey Dash takes the cake for the most WTF moment at the 2016 Oscars. The face Chrissy Teigen made is the only good thing to have come of it. Will anyone ever recover?

On a scale of one to Chrissy Teigen’s face, how awkward were the 2016 Academy Awards? Relive some of the most uncomfortable moments from the awards show in the clip below.

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