Chrissy Teigen’s Explanation for Her Stacey Dash Stank Face at the Oscars Is Priceless


If you watched the Academy Awards Sunday night (Feb. 28), then you know Stacey Dash showed up briefly, made everyone cringe and walked back to her Fox News cubicle. No one cringed more than supreme goddess Chrissy Teigen, whose grimace at the Clueless star went more viral than her Golden Globes crying face. Her Oscars stank stampeded the Internet, transforming into “me AF” memes seemingly overnight. If you’re some kind of reclusive witch, here it is in all its “yikes” glory:


It’s safe to say everyone felt this way about Dash’s bizarre cameo, but Teigen was the only one brave enough to show it on her mug. That was exactly the explanation she gave to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America Tuesday, March 1. And it’s priceless.

“You know, I gotta show my face,” she said to Roberts, according to Us Weekly. “I can’t hold it in.”

Thank God she can’t, or else we’d be without some of the greatest Web fodder on Earth. She also gave Roberts a little background to the origin of the face.

“Our whole area was still talking about [Dash] well into the Sarah Silverman segment because we were just so floored by the silence,” Teigen said. “And it was so funny to see Chris [Rock] and Kevin [Hart] both look at each other like, ’Oh man, that was weird.’ It was so funny to us.”

Funny to us, too. Here’s hoping Teigen’s face continues to be the biggest source of tea for years to come.

Relive Dash’s cameo in the video below.

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