10 Tragic Times Celebrities Were Rejected by Their Famous Crushes

It's even happened to Justin Bieber.

It takes a lot of guts to tell someone you like them. Rejection is always a possibility, and unless you’re some type of goddess, you’ve definitely experienced it. It hurts, but it’s nothing a shot of tequila and/or an entire pizza won’t cure.

Even celebrities have dealt with baes rebuffing their advances. And when you’re crushing on another famous person, it’s even more embarrassing. These 10 stars know a thing or two about that: They all expressed interest in another A-lister but were tragically denied. It’s even happened to Justin Bieber. Justin. Freaking. Bieber.

  • 1 Justin Bieber
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    The pop star-turned-sex god admitted to crushing on Jennifer Lawrence in an interview with Capital FM in November 2015. When a viewer asked Lawrence on Watch What Happens Live if she’d ever “tap” Justin Bieber, she said, “I’m ’gonna say a hard no.” Ouch. It’s not too late to say sorry change your mind, JLaw!

  • 2 Tyrese
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    The Black Rose artist professed his love (and lust) for Janelle Monae in the form of a #WCW Instagram post. But Lady Monae just wasn’t feeling it. She responded, “Always positive and endearing to see a man show admiration for an Electric Lady. I am Honored. Thank you @Tyrese” via Twitter–which is nice, but not exactly a sign of requited affection.

  • 3 Nelly
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    The “Hot In Herre” rapper got close with Beyoncé–and all of Destiny’s Child–when they toured together in the early 2000s. Nelly publicly expressed his fancy for Bey on multiple occasions; at one point, he even brought her Popeyes Chicken on TRL. Alas, his feelings were never reciprocated: Bey went on to become one half of music’s power couple with Jay Z.

  • 4 Madonna
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    According to Spin.com, the Material Girl was thirsty for D’Angelo and even invited him to sing “Happy Birthday” at her 39th b-day bash. At a separate event, sources claim Madge went up to a lady sitting next to D’Angelo and said, “I think you’re in my seat.” She sat down and asked D’Angelo, “I’d like to know what you’re thinking.” His response? “I’m thinking you’re rude.” Zing!

  • 5 Nicole Kidman
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    Kidman stopped by The Tonight Show and swapped very different stories with host Jimmy Fallon about how the two met. According to Kidman, she was single and “liked” Fallon, but when she went over to his apartment, he didn’t talk and put on a video game. She took this as a rebuff. “I thought, ’He has no interest. This is so embarrassing…maybe he’s gay?'” Fallon has no recollection of this, but in our minds, he said no to getting cozy with Nicole Kidman.

  • 6 James McVey
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    The Vamps singer apparently felt some type of way about Game of Thrones Sophie Turner, because he called her “uninteresting” on Twitter. You better believe Turner clapped back with a shocking revelation: McVey was blowing up her phone, and she wasn’t here for it. “Please stop texting me…It’s getting creepy and I’m sorry I’m not interested,” she wrote. Boom.

  • 7 Kanye West
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    Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore claims Kanye West hit on her long before he became Mr. Kim Kardashian. However, it went nowhere because she was seeing someone at the time. “He was a very charming guy, I can say that. I was very charmed,” Moore told Access Hollywood. What if this is the root cause of all his crazy tweeting?

  • 8 Amanda Bynes
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    We all remember when the Nickelodeon star tweeted she wanted Drake to “murder” her vagina. It was awkward, and Drake thought so, too. He curtly dismissed her come-on in an interview with XXL. “I don’t even know who that is doing that or what that’s about. If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing,” he said.

  • 9 Harry Styles
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    The then-18-year-old One Directioner got the nerve to ask reality TV star Jillian Harris (who was in her 30s) for her phone number. “I’m way too old for you,” she reportedly said. She later opened up about the incident, saying, “I am sorry but I could never date an 18-year-old.” Styles went on to date Taylor Swift and is rumored to be courting Kendall Jenner. Can’t say we feel sympathy for him.

  • 10 Pharrell Williams
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    Williams appeared on Tyra Banks’ talk show and told a story about how he grabbed chicken wings with a certain “former model,” was feelin’ her but then never heard from her again. Lo and behold it was Banks herself, and she had to deal with the awkwardness of this revelation in front of a live audience. Watch the cringe-worthy moment here.