If Women Should Be Naked in Front of Their Kids, Shouldn’t Men Be Also?

This Australian blogger argues why being naked in front of your children could help promote healthy body image.

It’s no secret that our standards of beauty are all sorts of messed up. But–there’s a but–they are getting better.

We’re seeing more diverse TV show casts (praise you, OITNB), celebrities embracing their flaws and women of different sizes finally getting the magazine covers, and spotlight, they deserve.

However, a woman down under who writes the blog Queens of Constance, has a solution for skewed perceptions of beauty around the world in a post that’s going viral: to walk in front of your kids completely naked.


On Monday, Constance Hall laid it on us with a post, starting with: “I advocate nakedness around your children, homes and husbands. I don’t want my boys expectations of women to resemble those that they see in magazines or TV nor do I want my girls expectations of themselves to.”

Here’s the rest:

Strange. A little extreme. I get where her head’s at, but I think a good sit down and talkin’ to with your kids from time to time would suffice. But hey, I’m also not a mom.

To each their own, though, and if you’re feeling it, by all means. But, if you are going to stand by this idea, wouldn’t it apply to dads as well?

Media is filled with the hunky Idris Elbas, Charlie Hunnams, Zac Efrons, their rock-hard abs and bulging biceps. Although it may not be as open of a problem as women’s body image issues, men around the world must be striving to obtain these “perfect” bodies, too.

In fact, almost every man I know is.

So, if you were to argue why this method could help mold a child’s perception of beauty into a healthy one, that should mean everyone’s beauty. If you want to expose them to real people with real flaws as much as possible, wouldn’t men be included? Shouldn’t little boys see their dads’ beer bellies, saggy butts, hairy chests, or other aspects that may make them insecure? Just a thought.

And while I do believe the whole concept is a little kooky, let’s not overlook men’s body image issues while we deal with our own.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.