Draya and Mehgan Are *Still* Beefing but Draya May Have Dropped the Mic Once and For All

"Trying to sell bathing suits, hunny, not p---y."

Basketball Wives LA isn’t even on right now but the wives are still feuding. Draya Michele and Mehgan James most certainly had beef this past season between FUPA-gate and Draya’s past coming up but now they’ve moved over to Instagram to keep it poppin’.

It started when Mehgan responded to a commenter while throwing shade at her former co-star.

When the commenter asked Mehgan how showing off her body in her bathing suit was different than how she slut shamed Draya for having her “vagina plaster all over the internet.” Mehgan responded to the comment saying, “Trying to sell bathing suits, hunny, not p—y. :)”

Now, Draya has since left Basketball Wives and is expecting a baby with fiancé Orlando Scandrick but don’t think she didn’t have time to get on Instagram to maybe mic-drop this beef once and for all.

Draya posted a picture of Queen Beyoncé from her film Obsessed (Get it?) with the caption, “Great movie @Beyonce”

Then Draya continued with the Obsessed jokes. Oop.

The root of Draya and Mehgan’s beef all started when Draya told Jackie Christie that Mehgan had a “fupa” in her cognac commercial and Mehgan, well, didn’t take that so well. Watch the season four moment below.

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