Cyn Santana Calls Azealia Banks’ Comments About Iggy Azalea Committing Suicide “Sick” and “Disgusting”

"You're sick Azealia Banks. I just said a prayer for you."

Cyn Santana won’t tolerate Azealia Banks insensitive comments about suicide.

After fellow rapper Iggy Azalea revealed she had contemplated suicide in an interview with The Cruz Show, Banks responded, writing in The Shade Room comments, “YAAS slavemaster, drive that slave truck right off the canyon!!!”

The former Love & Hip Hop star, whose brother Joel committed suicide called Banks’ comments “sick,” “disgusting,” and “not funny.” Santana said she would say a prayer for the often-beefing Banks.

Suicide awareness is an issue close to Cyn’s heart. We applaud her for being such a poised spokesperson.

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