Joe Budden Has Been Tweeting His Very Opinionated Thoughts On Peter, Amina, and Tara’s Crazy Situationship

"When ppl show u who they really are, believe them…… What’s not to get here?"

Everyone has something to say about Love & Hip Hop stars Peter Gunz, Amina, and Tara’s very complicated relationship (I mean, it is out there). During the airing of part one of the reunion, a fed up Joe Budden, who knows a thing or two about being in a Love & Hip Hop love triangle, took to Twitter to let y’all know how he really feels about the situation. Though his tweets drew criticism since Joe himself has been called a womanizer, many people took his side after he asked the question “Why is Peter getting killed for repeatedly doing what women allow him to?” Some fans agreed, while others took offense.

When a fan tried to call out Amina and Tara “being dumb” Joe replied

Fans went on to continue to question why Amina, Tara, or anyone would stay in that situation but Joe went on strong in his stance:

Despite what one may think of him, Joey always was one to speak #facts. Do we agree?

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