Bronx 4 Life: Cardi B and Peter Gunz Bury Their Beef On Instagram

"IDC what anybody says I looveeee Taraa."

In the sneak peek of part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, Cardi and Peter Gunz get into heated argument about his treatment of women. Cardi’s been antagonizing Peter for much of the season, claiming that his women are only in it for the D, and he hasn’t been too happy about that, but Peter and Cardi hopped on the gram real quick to clear things up yesterday.

Peter started out first by saying:

“#1 @iamcardib apologized #2 I apologized #3 she’s my sons age #4 she’s from The Bronx #5 the end..”

Cardi followed with the response:

“Us Bronx people always getting into something ,but it’s nothing but tough love ,I sincerely wish @petergunz174 the best ,and as much kids he got word on the streets he not a deadbeat to none and that’s some real NIKKA sh**t ….o yeaaaa and IDC what anybody says I looveeee Taraa”

Spread love its the New York way! In case you haven’t seen the sneak peek yet, here you go!

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