Hazel-E Got A Nose Job (For Reals This Time) and Updates Her Fans On Her Recovery

"Ouchie" is an understatement.

Hazel-E has had mucho shade thrown her way about her nose. After an accident in Dubai last year forced her to get corrective nose surgery, she’s decided to go for a full blown nose job. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star took to Instagram to let everyone know she’s doing alright:

The rapper wrote, “This was an intense surgery but I’m in recovery doing ok! Had to extend the stay because of extreme dehydration but @drghavami on his way to come visit!”

Hazel recently announced in a Snapchat story that she was planning to undergo the surgery to get her “beak plucked” after so much criticism from cast mates and fans. She may be looking a little “yikes” right now but we can’t wait until she unveils the finished product! Wishing Hazel a speedy recovery.

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