A Comprehensive List of All of the Diss Tracks in the Love & Hip Hop Universe

It started with "Psychotic" but where will it end?

A diss track can destroy an opponent right in their tracks or embarrass the rapper doing the dissing in the process. The musicians of Love & Hip Hop are definitely no exception.

Some, like Mama Jones’s take down of Chrissy Lampkin’s character are literally just hilarious while others, like Kalenna’s “Back to Back” freestyle about Rasheeda are infused with real-life emotion. One thing they all share in common is that they all are born out of drama and we have the scoop.

Read about the seven diss tracks in the Love & Hip Hop universe and the beefs that inspired them.

  • Karlie Redd vs. K.Michelle

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    Backstory: Karlie was initially one of K’s biggest critics and wrote and released her own diss track “Bring It.” Once the two formed a friendship, Karlie gave K the record for her birthday and after K.Michelle heard some of the lyrics, she wasn’t so keen on her new “friendship” with Karlie.

    Choice Bars: “Where you getting your weave from and why I see you in the bathroom gluing your teeth on? And you was with R.Kelly, you probably got peed on. Only psycho hos play the victim say they got beat on.”

  • Kalenna vs. Rasheeda

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    Backstory: Kalenna and Rasheeda had a years-long friendship but after she had a blow-up with Tammy Rivera, Kalenna felt that Rasheeda was just performing for television and released her own “Back to Back” remix with some words directed at her former friend.

    Choice Bars: “If you don’t see the fool in the room, it’s you, ho. These b—hes got the nerve to say I’m broke though. I didn’t sell my soul for no episode.”

  • Benzino vs. Stevie J and Joseline

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    Backstory: Karlie told Joseline that Benzino showed her a sex tape of him with the Puerto Rican Princess. This had Joseline and Stevie J feeling some type of way. Benzino said it was lies but then released his single “Smashed Da Homie.”

    Choice Bars: The hook teased the whole premise, “She said she want to get to know me, even though she smashed the homie” while the music video was the true diss to Stevie, Joseline, and, even Karlie. It featured a video vixen that looked an awful lot like Joseline, as well as scenes from the show.

  • MariahLynn vs. Moniece Slaughter

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    Backstory: MariahLynn and Moniece had major beef stemming from both of their involvement with Rich Dollaz. Mariah released her “GTFOH” remix throwing several digs at Slaughter.

    Choice Bars: “Lip gloss probably what your rent cost. Ten cars hop out the rear. It’s your name but you don’t Slaughter, get the f–k outta here.”

  • Joe Budden vs. Saigon

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    Backstory: The beef started long before either rapper was on Love & Hip Hop but is worth mentioning. Joe directed a slick line at Saigon on 2008’s “Roll Call” (“hit and run like Saigon”). Saigon didn’t appreciate that and started talking trash on Budden. Joey dropped “Letter to Saigon” as the first official diss at Saigon. (And yes, there were others.)

    Choice Bars: “Seem like in every interview, n—as wanna mention dude. You took my good punchline, got it misconstrued. Ain’t diss you then but n—a now I will. I’m just saying how I feel”

  • Saigon vs. Joe Budden

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    Backstory: Saigon obviously didn’t appreciate dude’s mention of him on “Roll Call” or subsequent diss “Letter to Saigon.” The two would go back and forth with several tracks but it seemed that Saigon’s “Pushing Buddens” put a pin in their beef.

    Choice Bars: “First things first, this n—a Joey is the worst. I’ll unload a clip in his head put him in a hearse. Prior to the jerk, releasin’ his lil verse I went on the Internet and did me a lil search. I got on his website, took a look at the forum. This n—a got some white kids makin up lines for him”

  • Mama Jones vs. Chrissy Lampkin

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    Backstory: Nancy “Mama” Jones and her son’s girlfriend Chrissy were always at odds. Nancy felt like Chrissy was a selfish b—h and Chrissy said Nancy was a “psychotic b—h” and Mama Jones took that title and said she would be that b—h for Chrissy, in her own diss track “Psychotic.”

    Choice Bars: “You think you got my son but that’s not how it’s done cause I’m the only one. He always hold me down, even when you’re around. Now who look like the clown. And yeah, I might be wrong but I’m the perfect storm, that’s why I wrote this song”