These Celebrity Wikipedia Hacks Are the Funniest Acts of Vandalism Ever

There's no shade like Wiki-shade.

By Brenden Gallagher

Wikipedia has become a clutch source of information (and misinformation) for a whole generation of would-be scholars and bar trivia contest winners. Who among us hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole of obscure information about 80s movies or lost an evening to learning obscure facts about Civil War generals? Wikipedia has become a way of life.

The blessing and curse of Wikipedia is that it is edited by the crowd. Though there are a group of dedicated Wikipedia editors who strive to maintain the most accurate online encyclopedia possible, there are also a legion of hilarious smartasses out there who just want to watch the digital world burn. Over the years, there have been some hilarious edits to Wikipedia that have made the whole endeavor a little less truthful, but also a lot more fun.

Rachel Roy
April, 2016

We’re not sure what Rachel Roy was thinking when she sent out an Instagram post that might have been a response to Beyonce’s lyric about her man spending time with “good hair, Becky.” All we know is that Roy’s line about “good hair don’t care” set off the Beyhive something terrible. The Hive went next level wicked on Roy by trashing her Wiki page and flooding her comments with shade. Lesson learned here is a simple one: Don’t mess with the Beyhive after they’ve had a lot of lemonade to drink.

D’Angelo Russell
March, 2016


The Lakers rookie got a harsh lesson in the meaning of the word teammate after he taped Laker Nick Young admitting that he cheated on girlfriend Iggy Azalea. The video leaked and Russell felt the icy wrath of his teammates and the vicious backlash of the Internet. We’re not here to legislate what the right or wrong in this situation, but we do know that some anonymous Wiki editor out there doesn’t take kindly to snitching.

Kay Burley
November, 2015

Following the Paris attacks, British news presenter Kay Burley tweeted the image and text above, and Twitter predictably mocked her for it. She inspired some serious memeing on British social media, and even ended up receiving this Wikipedia edit: “is widely known for her ability to read the innermost thoughts of Golden Retrievers.” Laughing a tragedy is a terrible thing. Laughing at someone’s cloying response to tragedy: that’s just hilarious.

Mitt Romney

No, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that “Mitt” rhymes with “sh-t,” but the gumption to change his Wikipedia page to reflect this revelation should be applauded.

Wu-Tang Clan

Sadly, this entry has been returned to the far more pedestrian “1992-Present.”

Bernard Madoff

After what he did, it is entirely reasonable that someone vandalized his Wikipedia page. And you have to admit, the description is pretty accurate.

John Boehner

Yes, this is low hanging fruit, but “Gang of Boners” really is a nice touch, don’t you think?

First Law of Thermodynamics

I am Jack’s branch of physics concerned with heat and temperature and their relation to energy and work.

Traveling (Basketball)

It’s one thing to vandalize an athlete’s Wikipedia page. Vandalizing the page of a concept in the sport just to take a shot at a player? That’s magical.

Spot the Dog

TFW you have a bone to pick with a literary master’s particular brand of spare modernism.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s “winning” era was one the scariest celebrity moments this side of Amanda Bynes. This sentence perfectly encapsulates a particularly frightening moment in Sheen’s life.

Jason Terry
March 18, 2013

RIP to all who have been dunked on by the King.

Solange Knowles

Just in case the Solange-Jay-Z incident was starting to slip your mind, here’s a permanent reminder of the elevator ride heard ’round the world.

New York Rangers
May, 2015

During last year’s Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers playoff series, an enterprising fan changed all of the page’s letters to capital letters. No, it likely didn’t have much psychological impact on the Ranger squad, but you have to award some points for creativity and determination.

Leonardo da Vinci

Maybe the early years of Wikipedia were truly the greatest.

Forever and Always

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