Flavor Flav Owns the Life-Size Statue of O.J. Simpson That Was Confiscated in the ’90s

Does he really have it? "Yea boyyyyyyyyy"! But seriously, he does.

With FX’s The People Vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story coming to an end, a lot of people have wondered what really happened to the epic life-size statue of O.J. Simpson. Well, the answer may surprise you because it’s in the hands of none other than Flavor Flav!

Flav claims that he has the real deal statue. According to TMZ, the pint-sized rapper scooped the cool gift from radio host Mancow Muller back in 1999. The Flavor of Love bachelor also alleges that he tried to give the statue back to the Juice, but the football player told him “they would just take it away again.”

The biggest question remains, what nickname did Flav give the statue? “Juicy”?

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