Farrah Abraham Says Her Nicki Minaj Twitter Feud Left Her “Disappointed”

We need context!

Remember when Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham and Nicki Minaj got into it on Twitter a few months back? The ladies have apparently buried the hatchet, but Abraham still feels some type of way about it. This, according to Abraham, who revisited the topic at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards over the weekend.

Abraham spoke to a team member of The Shade Room on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet about her infamous name-calling feud with Minaj. What Abraham said about the rapper—and women in general—will definitely make your brain parts shift into gear.
“That’s been over with,” Abraham said of her feud with Minaj. “But I will have to say I was really disappointed in a woman acting like that and I don’t know,” she continued. “There’s just been so many disappointments, not with just me, but other public figures and other artists and it’s really f—king shady to do that sh-t.”

Abraham does make a valid point, here. A lot of female celebrities—Abraham included—have been acting shady towards one another on social media as of late. Remember the shade spell Twitter cast on Ayesha Curry after hearing about her forthcoming cooking show? What about the storm of shadiness that came out of that naked Kim Kardashian selfie? Here’s a list of women who have shaded other women because feminism, just for good measure.

Case in point: Life can be shady as hell so don’t waste money on sunglasses. You’ll likely end up feeling as “disappointed” as Abraham in this scenario.

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