Frank Ocean Speaks on How Prince Helped Him Own His Sexuality

The Channel Orange singer honored the late legend in a new Tumblr post.

This is heartbreaking.

Hours after news first broke of Prince’s death, celebrities started taking to social media to honor the legend. Singer Frank Ocean posted a heartfelt Tumblr tribute to Prince this afternoon and in it, he opened up about how the Purple Rain artist helped him “feel more comfortable” with his own sexuality.

“[Prince] learned early on how little value to assign to someone else’s opinion of you.. an infectious sentiment that seemed soaked into his clothes, his hair, his walk, his guitar and his primal scream,” Ocean wrote. He said he never met Prince because he was “too nervous,” and that though he hasn’t ever seen Prince perform live, his favorite song “of all time” is “When You Were Mine.”

“He was a straight black man who played his first televised set in bikini bottoms and knee high heeled boots, epic,” Ocean wrote. “He made me feel more comfortable with how I identify sexually simply by his display of freedom from and irreverence for obviously archaic ideas like gender conformity etc.”

Ocean’s note is testament to Prince’s everlasting imprint on music and pop culture. It also begins to put into words Prince’s impact on those fans of his whom he helped to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Read Ocean’s poignant Tumblr post in its entirety here. Rest in peace, Prince.

Watch Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia discuss their marriage and his music in the following clip from VH1’s Hollywood Exes.

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