Beef Over Lemonade: Hazel-E and Jhonni Blaze Spent Their Weekend Fighting Over Katt Williams

"You're late, doorknob. Everyone gets a turn."

This weekend while you were watching “Lemonade,” Love & Hip Hop’s Hazel-E and Jhonni Blaze were busy going at it on social media over Katt Williams.

It seemingly started when Jhonni posted a picture of her and Hazel-E’s on-again, off-again boo to Twitter with heart emojis and that set Hazel-E off, in a major way. The rapper revealed to TMZ in March that she and Katt were on a break after she was arrested with his entourage. Katt was experiencing a series of legal troubles following several public incidents of erratic behavior.

Hazel responded to the picture writing,

This old tired washed up stripper who was last spotted sleeping a bathtub has nerve to start beef with me when I didn’t even mention her name over a video that was taken days before she jumped on my ex’s c–k. But she been a fan of me since my Girl Code mixtape, I done paid Jhonni at Dreams & Sues Rendezvous, I’ve listened to every sad story, tried to vouch for her at LHHH & LHHNY. U tryna get my attention I don’t know what beef you got cuz neither Rich was your man & neither is my ex. He loves to give donations cuz we were both sad for you when we said u were sleeping in a bathtub & then renting was renting a room in Detroit cuz you were homeless. I have so many receipts even down to the publicist I tried to help you get to promo your single and you didn’t pay her. You a raggedy b—h Johnni and that’s why our interactins have been limited. U tried with the [heart emojis] tryna get some attention. Now with your new cracker box ring get them legs fixed and your shoes are Crying for help, & hopefully your bathtub turns into a jacuzzi. And you reposting videos of show is so weak. I’ve already been on all those stages for the last two tours, glad your pay attention but your #Late #doorknob everyone gets a turn & FYI to my women it always be the h–s checking on what u doin with your man who be the first to try to choose. I’m still in legal trouble with this n—a & my so called friends a month later all tryna be his latest project. #goodluck with that he gives furs & jewerly to the homeless…& we did feel bad when u was sleeping in the bathtub…don’t make me bring out receipts cuz I’m booked today and don’t have no more time for this. #GirlCodeInc
Jhonni took to her Instagram to clap back to Hazel and claims that “Cracker Jack ring” that Hazel referred to was a 45K ring that she didn’t accept. She wrote,

I gave Katt a 45K ring back that he gave me and told him he has to learn me you can’t buy me and he respects me more then ever. see Debra antney was talking to this man for me to sing national them for his shows and ONLY THAT! I took two pictures and this — shades me like wtf? So with that being said who’s in it for the money you or me?
Then Jhonni threw some old memes at Hazel, writing, “B—h, you should of slept in the tub with me with that nose you can sniff me out a new bed I’m hoping Hazel.”
Hazel posted a video of herself, modeling off her new nose and looking rather unbothered by the memes.
Then Jhonni took to Instagram to post her own “mood” which was her FaceTiming with Katt.
Good lord, what do you think of this beef?