Khia Says Beyoncé’s “Sorry” Video Is “Tired,” Calls Serena Williams a “Jester”

Khia's serving nothing but lemons to the BeyHive today.

As she is apt to do, Beyoncé has pissed off a lot of people with her Lemonade visual album. One person in particular has some cutting criticism for the artist, and she’s not holding back.

Does anyone remember Khia, of “My Neck, My Back” fame? You may have spotted her at your friend’s cookout party last summer, where she probably performed that one song she had, or perhaps you took her up on her offer to pee in your toilet. Khia recently sat down for an interview during which she dropped some major thought bombs about Bey’s Lemonade, specifically the video for “Sorry,” and what she said about Bey and video star Serena Williams will likely make you want to stuff various parts of your body with pages of the Holy Book.

Below are two Instagram videos of Khia’s interview, captured by The Shade Room. Here’s the first:

“F—k her. First of all, the video was tired and through and long and it just made black people look bad as hell,” Khia says in the above video. “Bit-h, you walking around with this blonde long ass hair but you know African queens and kings in your video, has Serena as her g—damn jester dancing…”
“And here you is, black as a black juicy berry and you getting in front of this h— and let her have her legs open in the chair while you twerking for her like the slave masters had us do,” Khia continues. “B—ch, did you channel that, too?”

There’s a lot to unpack, here, but basically, Khia doesn’t like how Williams was portrayed in Bey’s video. She called the groundbreaking tennis player and businesswoman, who is currently worth $145 million, a “jester” and equated her dancing in the video to something “the slave masters had us do.” Khia also takes issue with Bey’s portrayal of herself, specifically her blonde hair and her posture while Williams was dancing next to her.

We wanted to know what Jay Z thought of Lemonade after its release and we were even down to hear who Matthew Knowles thought “Becky with the good hair” was. We just never thought Khia, of all people, would weigh in on any of this in such a piercingly negative way. Everyone’s entitled to her own opinion, but in Khia’s case, is there truth to what she’s saying or is it mere Friday trolling?

Perhaps someone should take her up on that cookout performance offer and find out.

Unlike Khia, we’re here for all things Bey right now. We tried on her Ivy Park line in the following clip.

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