The Dixie Chicks Reached Perfect Harmony With Their Cover Of Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”

The country queens tribute Queen B.

One of the most interesting songs on Beyoncé’s new LP Lemonade is “Daddy Lessons.” The country-inspired tune seamlessly mixes sun-drenched guitar plucks and whisky twang with Bey’s soulful pipes. It is certainly a deviation from Queen B’s signature repertoire of R&B-tinged Top 40–a welcome one, at that. Furthermore, the song is drastically different than the slithery funk that permeates Lemonade, but it somehow fits right in. That’s the power of Beyoncé, folks. She can make any genre work.

And country artists like the Dixie Chicks are noticing. The iconic Dallas band took a stab at Bey’s “Daddy Lessons” during their concert in Manchester, England on Saturday night (April 30). And while white artists doing acoustic covers of black songs is typically a no-no, this one surprisingly works. Really well. The reason? “Daddy Lessons” is country at its core, which makes it a perfect fit for Dixie Chicks to sample.

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