Meghan Trainor Fell Down and Stayed Down While Performing on Jimmy Fallon Last Night

Balancing is hard.

Gravity is a strange, strange thing.

“Me Too” singer and Photoshop whistle-blower Meghan Trainor performed her latest jam on Thursday night’s The Tonight Show. Trainor was hitting all of the right notes and dance moves, radiating pop prowess like no other, but right at the end of her performance, things went left. Or, technically speaking, they went down.

Like Madonna, Lady Gaga and so many others before her, Trainor took a tumble. Gravity must have been playing a sick joke on her because she had literally just finished the performance and was reveling in her victory like so:

The Tonight Show

But when she went to turn around, Trainor seemingly tripped on her heels and lost her balance, and instead of getting right back up, she just stayed down. There on the ground, Jimmy Fallon joined her for a few seconds, but as the show must go on, he eventually helped her back up. Trainor is “fine” now, according to her tweet about the debacle.

Watch Trainor sing (and tumble) on The Tonight Show here.

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