We Can All Appreciate These Moments When Kids Checked Adults

Sometimes grown ups need to be reminded to act their age.

By Claire Downs

Lately, kids are getting social media accounts pretty earlier and it seems like they come out of the womb holding a tablet. While this may annoy many parents, sometimes it’s a good thing. Youngsters are more aware of current events and are speaking out on issues that matter to them most. Some are also taking time to remind adults that just because they’re young doesn’t mean they aren’t wise-beyond-their-years. And sometimes, adults really need to be checked!

From sassy and shady to serious and self-aware, here are some times kids have checked adults!

  • 14-Year-Old Skai Jackson Shuts Down Azealia Banks

    Earlier this month, Azealia Banks went on insane racist rant on Twitter aimed at pop music prince Zayn Malik. The offensive nature of the tweets shocked even those used to Banks’ social media shenanigans. But 14-year-old Disney star, Skai Jackson had seen enough and stepped up to tell the Harlem rapper to “simmer down.” After Banks saw Jackson’s tweet, she turned her focus to Jackson, but her attempts to dismiss the teen fell flat. She came for a 14-year-old and got burnt.

  • Deez Nuts Mocks the Presidential Race

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    In August 2015, a mysterious and satirical candidate named “Deez Nuts” filed to run for president giving our entire political process a reality check. In polls across several states, he polled between 8-10%, surprising political pundits and the media. Rolling Stone investigated that Deez Nuts was 15-year-old Brady Olson of Wallingford, Iowa. Olson stated that he created the candidate, “half-trying to break the two-party system, half-frustration with the front-runners.” But don’t be fooled by Nuts’ name: the candidate actually listed progressive policy platforms on his website, and ultimately ended up endorsing Bernie Sanders when he had to drop out of the race because he was 15.

  • North West Shuts the Paparazzi Down

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    North West is well aware that she is North West. Last October, wearing a Balmain blazer that costs more than my rent, North West shut paparazzi down. West simply wanted to go to ballet class, and the paps would not stop with the candids. Taking a cue from her father, Kanye West, she reiterated to the paps, “I said no pictures!”

  • An English Class Corrects Celebs’ Grammar

    Students ages 8-13 at a Brazilian school were given the assignment of finding their favorite celebrities’ grammar mistakes on Twitter. Although they were gentle with their critiques and were using the tweets as a school exercise, their responses shed light on the fact that some celebs will just never know the difference between your and you’re. These cute kids were sure to add a lot of heart emojis and “I love yous” to their strong suggestions.

  • Chloe Grace Moretz Weighs in On Kim’s Selfie

    This March, Kim attempted to break the internet once again, by posting a nude selfie on her Instagram. But you can’t break what’s already been broken. Chloe Moretz, 19, took to Twitter to question Kim’s motivations. Ms. West replied with all of the shade in the world. Fans of the Dash girls piled on, accusing Moretz of body-shaming Kim K. But Chloe stood by her word by retweeting singer Pink’s statement on the matter. It was that rare moment when Kim heard a point of view from a different Chloe.

  • Katt Williams Catches the Fade From a 17-year-old

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    Last month, Katt Williams was hanging outside of a middle school in Gainesville, Atlanta (why? not sure), and sucker-punched a high school student for no apparent reason. To Katt’s surprise, this kid (who is on the wrestling team) fought back, beating Williams in a UFC-style fight. Twitter reacted accordingly, mocking Katt for starting the fight in the first place and losing.

  • Zendaya Stands Up For Natural Hair

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    When 18-year old Zendaya attended her first Oscars ceremony, she wasn’t expecting her look to cause controversy. Though she appeared in a beautiful evening gown and sporting long, faux dreadlocks, the Fashion Police on E! did not love her look. But commentator Giuliana Rancic took it too far when she said of Zendaya’s hair, “Like I feel like she smells like patchouli oil. Or weed.” Zendaya took to Instagram to respond. Zendaya’s comments ultimately led to a lengthy apology from Giuliana and the Fashion Police.