The Most Hilarious (and the Weirdest) Uber Stories on the Deep Web

Would you let someone bring his pregnant goat in your car?

The Internet says the darndest things.

Miracle transportation app Uber has exploded since its creation in 2009. More than any other mode of transportation, Uber has become a major part of pop culture. Hell, even Drake rapped about it.

Along with the many songs it’s inspired, Uber has brought about plenty of stories. Some are hilarious (some are horrific) and some are just plain weird. We searched the web for the funniest ones. Check them out below and as always, happy Ubering.

  • The pregnant goat refuser

  • The Bud Light bag man

  • The driver who fell in love

  • The undiscovered rapper performing for a “car full of babes”

    Embedded from

    He dropped a freestyle to the bat of “Electric Relaxation” by a Tribe Called Quest.

  • The Illuminati conspiracist

  • The Drone flyer

  • The driver who honestly just wanted to dance

    The video ended up going viral.

  • The Snoop Dogg beatboxer

  • The peep show witness

  • The Weeknd megafan

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.