Taylor Swift Retweeted Calvin Harris’ Breakup Tweet ‘Cause She Didn’t Want to Write Her Own

That's what that means, right?

The breakup retweet just might be the new Facebook relationship status update.

After posting several painfully Instadorable pics and spending a year and change together, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have called it quits. An “insider” told E! that the breakup was initiated by Harris (Adam Wiles) shortly after he got into a car accident and was “done in a very mature fashion.” Swift is “pretty upset,” but she and Harris are “still in communication.”

As they are apt to do, people began speculating about why the couple might have broken up. Was it Swift’s new platinum blonde hairdo? Harris’ alleged cheating? The fact that they’re both abnormally tall people? We assumed we’d have to wait until Swift’s next album to find out, but Harris seemingly wanted to offer an explanation first. He tweeted the following breakup message yesterday, which Swift retweeted.

Is it passive aggressive to retweet your ex’s breakup tweet? Is it 2016 social media breakup protocol? Does anything on social media mean anything ever?

Given Swift’s passive aggressive history, the breakup retweet could be a hidden message for Harris. Overall, Swift has kept mum on the subject, which makes us think either (1) a long Tumblr essay is in the works or (2) she’s using her thoughts solely as musical fodder.

Swift is supposedly taking a long break before coming out with her next album, but perhaps the breakup will prompt her to get back into the studio ahead of schedule. Only time will tell.

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