Watch Lil Scrappy’s Inflammatory Remarks Against The Trans Community and Momma Dee’s Displeased Reaction

"It breaks my heart to see how badly our transgender community is still being treated even by my own son. "

Lil Scrappy has been quick to use his Instagram video as a platform for all kinds of topics, but his rant about members of the transgender community struck a nerve with many a few months back, most especially Momma Dee. Not his usual morning inspiration messages, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star went on to say that he would need to see baby pictures on one’s social media for proof that they actually are (or are not) a female.

The social media uproar regarding Scrappy’s distasteful comments spread like wild fire and much to everyone’s surprise Momma Dee stepped up to shut down Scrappy’s views and to send her support to the trans community in a PSA captured by The Shade Room

If anyone has a voice and a platform to stand up for equality of all people, Momma Dee is perfect for the job, especially in light of all the evil taking place in the world.

To see how Scrappy handled himself when D. Smith and Betty Idol confronted him about his views, check out this highlight from the latest episode:

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