Marc Lamont Hill Leads Important Discussion on What Police Can Do Differently

It's time to prevent these fatal shootings from happening again.

During last night’s What Now?: An MTV News and BET News Town Hall, a live event where stars and the community gathered to discuss the recent racially charged violence in America, Marc Lamont Hill led a discussion about finding solutions to how police can engage situations with Black men differently. The renowned journalist spoke with retired NYPD Detective Tom Verni on how to prevent future deaths.

“Is it fear? Is it anger? Is it racism? Is it a cocktail of all three? What is it that makes someone make that choice?” Hill asks regarding the shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. “What can police do differently to make their relationship with us one that’s healthy and ones that productive?”

Detective Verni believes “it all comes down to communication, education, and training. These things are vital.” To help police change their engagement with Black men, Verni explains that the police force “needs to have conversations about bias and implicit bias. What makes them freaked out about someone who is Black rather than someone who is white? That plays a big part.”

Check out the full clip of the conversation below.

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