15 Times Female Celebrities Freed Their Feet and Went Barefoot

Free the nipple, free the foot.

Pain is beauty, beauty is pain. But really, it’s all a load of crap when you’re out wearing six-inch heels à la Beyoncé and you can’t feel your pinky toe.

Women often have a love-hate relationship with shoes, specifically heels. You love to look at them, try them on, buy them, admire them, but when the time comes to wear them out for a full night, you realize that you actually might not make it. What happens next? The stilettos come off, you trot around barefoot and pray to the man upstairs you don’t catch anything.

The following celebrities know this process all too well, as they, too, have ditched their shoes in public. Free the feet, people. It’s a movement.

  • 1 Lady Gaga
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    That feeling when you take your heels off after a full night out.

  • 2 Julia Roberts
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    When you’ve had a great career and DGAF about shoes anymore.

  • 3 Lena Dunham
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    Flats > heels, but no shoes > anything else.

  • 4 Kristen Stewart
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    When your manager wants you to keep up appearances, but you’d rather be in bed with your feet out.

  • 5 Honey Boo Boo
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    Mood forever.

  • 6 Ellie Goulding
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    When you’ve had a few, look down and slowly realize your shoes are missing.

  • 7 Jennifer Lawrence
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    Walking out of work on a Friday like

  • 8 Miley Cyrus
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    When you’re too lazy to put shoes back on, but you’re also a closeted germaphobe.

  • 9 Shailene Woodley
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    When you do a sweep for f—ks, but there aren’t any in sight.

  • 10 Camila Alves
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    When you’re headed to a meeting and remember you took your shoes off under your desk.

  • 11 Florence Welch
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    When your feet hurt and you don’t know why.

  • 12 Kesha
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    When it’s been a long night / day / week / month / year / everything.

  • 13 Cara Delevingne
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    Thinking about all the dirt your bare feet are collecting like

  • 14 Courtney Love
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    When you reapply your lipstick, but you can’t be bothered to put your heels back on.

  • 15 Gigi Hadid
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    When you run out of bae’s and don’t feel like going back in to get your shoes.

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