Katy Perry Gives an Epic Response to the Taylor Swift + Calvin Harris Twitter Drama

It was only a matter of time...

The world has been waiting on pins and needles for Taylor Swift’s response to Calvin Harriscrazy Twitter rant about her. However, it looks like Swift’s Darth Vader Katy Perry beat her to the punch.

The Prism singer tweeted the most hilarious GIF in response to all the drama, which you can read about here if you live under a rock. (Long story short, Swift and Harris are spinning two very different narratives about why they broke up.) Perry, who is allegedly the inspiration behind Swift’s “Bad Blood,” let Hillary Clinton’s face explain how she feels about all this ish after Harris revealed the tea about Swift’s plot to ruin her rival.

She then retweeted her own tweet from 2015, which reads, “Time, the ultimate truth teller.” Yikes. Be more subtle, Perry!

All of this drama spawned the current trending hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty, which is, yes, petty AF. Its meaning is pretty self-explanatory: Twitter users think this nonsense puts a crack in Swift’s once-pristine image. We won’t argue whether or not that’s true–“Blank Space” is still the ultimate bop–but we will show you the tweets birthed from this hashtag. They’re just as culturally relevant as Pokémon Go.

Again, all that’s missing is an epic response from T-Swizzle. We’re waiting, kween.

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