Kim Kardashian Canceled Taylor Swift’s Career, Causing Everyone to Feud on Twitter Last Night

The "Famous" phone call has been konfirmed.

Cancer season has officially turned into dragging season and your faves aren’t missing a beat.

After revealing the word “savage” was added to her Kimoji app, Kim Kardashian hinted some savage f—kery was about to go down on Snapchat last night. Kim had posted bits of that infamous phone call hubby Kanye had with Taylor Swift about those “Famous” lyrics to her Snap story, and though KanTay’s conversation is still up for interpretation, Twitter is already in shambles because of it.

First up, we have Chloe Grace Moretz. After catching wind of Kim’s Snaps, Chloe Grace joined in on the konversation, asking everyone to start realizing things.

Khloe Kardashian intervened and this time, she just had one question to ask.

Chloe Grace clarified that though this first picture was taken of her while she was filming Neighbors 2, the second straight up wasn’t her. But by then, everyone had moved on because Ruby Rose had arrived.

Selena Gomez invoked the First Amendment of the #SquadGoals Constitution, defending her bestie like so:

But because Selena hadn’t tweeted about #BlackLivesMatter recently, Twitter decided she didn’t have the range to speak on this topic. It’s important to note that by then, Kim and Kanye had fallen silent. But Taylor had not.

Taylor (or was it Nils Sjoberg?) assumed proper victim role, calling the entire incident one of “character assassination.”

Sunday’s sermon was delivered, and both Kim and Taylor were there to sign for it. What happens next is up in the air, but let’s all take a moment to admire the real winner, here: Katy Perry.

In a Kris Jenner-level marketing move, Katy used this scandal to promote her new song, “Rise.” It’s about rising “above it all,” and it’s anyone’s guess what the operative “it” means.

You could pay $1.29 to find out. Or you could just hope “it” is what we think it is. (It’s Taylor, right? Right.)

Who is the shadiest pop queen of all time? VH1 staffers debate in the video below.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.