Chloe Grace Moretz’s Boyfriend Just Cancelled Her Kim Kardashian Subtweets in One Pic

Could be time to re-evaluate this relationship, bbs.

Every relationship reaches a point where once-trivial differences become huge liabilities. Famous teenagers Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have now reached this point in theirs.

Chloe Grace got into it with Khloe Kardashian early yesterday morning after Kim exposed Taylor Swift in what is arguably the best use of Snapchat to date. Long story short, the two C(K)hloes went back and forth on Twitter, Ruby Rose got involved and everyone ultimately moved on to ponder why the hell Taylor keeps lying about stuff.

Fast forward to today. Brooklyn Beckham, Chloe Grace’s boyfriend and son of intimidating power couple Victoria and David, hopped on Instagram. The 17-year-old posted what appears to be a picture of him wearing a t-shirt from Kanye’s Life of Pablo merch line, which seemingly cancels every pro-Taylor thing his girlfriend just did.
Bruhhhhhh. You really did that, though, and just one day after your girlfriend was beefing with the other side in these tweets. We know that Yeezy merch isn’t cheap, bb, and no one’s expecting you to go all Austin Swift and trash it. But you could wait, like, a couple more days to post this ’gram.

Couldn’t you?

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.