Tim Kaine May Make Dad Jokes, But He Was a Stone-Cold Fox Back in the Day

I'm in heat.

Tim Kaine’s dad jokes, particularly about Donald Trump, were the hit of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night (July 27). Whether it was his Trump impression or adorable hand gestures, everyone on the Internet pretty much thought Hillary Clinton’s VP running mate was their dad who gave the anti-drugs speech at school. And they loved it.

We did, too. However, there is something about Mr. Kaine we love even more than his brand of corny humor: his retro face. A throwback picture of Kaine emerged on the Web during his speech and–wowza–the dude was a stone-cold fox. See it for yourself below.

Those cheekbones! That chin! Those eyes that seep deep into your libido! The man has our vote based on this picture alone. Seriously. Has a government official ever looked this sexy ever? (Besides Barack Obama, of course.)

I’m in heat.

Watch Democrats try to say one nice thing about Trump in the video below.

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