5 Times Makeup Vloggers Started Crazy Beefs With Each Other

Jeffree Star vs. Kylie Jenner and more.

Mak(e)ing up is hard to do.

The world of makeup and beauty products is highly competitive. Your survival in the industry depends largely on formula, affordability and name recognition, and as we’ve seen more in recent years, YouTube vlogs help with this last part. Consumers often turn to beauty vloggers’ product reviews and uncensored (a.k.a. un-bought) opinions to determine whether or not they, too, want to purchase the products. But as is the nature of the Internet, things in the beauty vlog world can turn a little nasty. Epic makeup beefs ensue.

From Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner to Jennifer Gerard and Karina Kaboom, these are the makeup beefs every beauty girl should know about. You know you love a good makeup feud matte lipstick.

  • Jeffree Star vs. Kylie Jenner

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    Jeffree Star has thrown shade at Kylie Jenner on a few occasions. Star first called Jenner out in April for selling lip glosses with faulty brushes. This ultimately prompted Jenner to ship out new glosses for free to her customers, a good move on the part of the budding businesswoman, but the smack-talking didn’t stop there. A month after GlossGate, Star subtweeted Jenner and suggested that her products are lesser than his and only popular because of her famous name. Star later made a video in which he addressed his “beef” with Jenner—who has still only responded to him once—and also reviewed a few of her lip kits. Plot twist: He kinda liked them.

  • Stephanie Nicole vs. Kylie Jenner

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    Makeup vlogger Stephanie Nicole called out Kylie Jenner on YouTube for selling similar products to those by ColourPop for double the price. Nicole compared Jenner’s Candy K Lip Kit and ColourPop’s Clueless Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, and after some investigation, concluded that the ingredients are “identical.”

    “The ColourPop one does have a few other ingredients in there, which are filler products, but every single thing that’s in these Kylie Jenner lipsticks are in the ColourPop ones,” Nicole said. She added that one reason for the major price difference is Jenner’s name alone. “The extra money is not going for product development or better ingredients,” Nicole said. “All [Kylie] is doing is basically lending her name out to a brand that knows that no matter what it is, people will wait in line for this. So when they saw the huge response, they cut some corners, and took a good formula and made it cheap.”

  • Stephanie Nicole vs. Jeffree Star

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    Stephanie Nicole put Jeffree Star on blast back in June by way of a 40-minute video in which she criticized both Star’s products and overall brand. Nicole showed video clips and screen grabs of Star name-calling fans and fellow vloggers, and played a video in which Star talks about throwing battery acid on the face of a fictional black girl to “lighten her skin tone.” “I will never buy anything from Jeffree Star. I will never recommend them,” Nicole said in the video.

  • Jennifer Gerard vs. Karina Kaboom and Jaclyn Hill

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    Jennifer Gerard, CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, found herself in hot water after she called beauty vlogger Karina Kaboom the “ugliest person ever.” Gerard had been filmed saying this on Snapchat by beauty vlogger MannyMUA and had apparently been watching Kaboom’s negative review of her products. Karina Kaboom made a response video to Gerard’s inappropriate comments, which also sparked makeup artist and vlogger Jaclyn Hill to ultimately cut ties with Gerard Cosmetics.

We asked couples to try on Kylie Jenner’s lip glosses and what happened was priceless. Find out in the clip below.

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