Justin Bieber Just Showed He’s Team Kanye West in the Pettiest Way Possible

Sorry, Taylor Swift.

It’s been over a week since Kim Kardashian imploded the Earth by revealing receipts that proved Taylor Swift knew more about Kanye West’s song “Famous” than she let on. We didn’t think the drama could get messier, but we were wrong: Justin Bieber just got involved. Oy.

In the pettiest move ever, Bieber proved his alliance to West by FaceTiming him, taking a screen-shot of the exchange and uploading it to Instagram with a pointed Anti-Swift caption. “Taylor Swift what up,” Bieber captioned the pic, which clearly shows he was in a jovial FaceTime session with West.

This isn’t a surprise. Bieber’s rocky relationship with Selena Gomez puts him at the top of the Swift Squad S–t List. This FaceTime conversation just proves what we already knew, but that doesn’t make it any less petty and life-giving. God bless 2016.

Your move, Swift…


Relive West’s feud with Wiz Khalifa from earlier this year in the video below.