Rihanna Cries Tears of Liquid Gold and More Beauty + Style News We Didn’t Need This Week

Kanye West wants to make a budget sneaker, but first: Does he know what a budget is?

Rihanna’s eyes have done some pretty amazing things, but no one knew they could do this.

RiRi’s queen status was confirmed yesterday by W Magazine via its September cover. W dubbed Rihanna the “baddest bitch of the post-apocalypse” because she’s been into that future-esque, alien, dystopian kind of sh—t lately. RiRi was “imaged” as Tomorrow, “the last woman on earth and the ruling warrior queen in a dark, dystopian future.” If you’ve ever wondered what a ruling warrior queen does after the world ends, here’s a clue:

There are two versions of W Mag’s September cover. In one, RiRi’s left eye is decorated AF, resembling a peacock whose feathers have been replaced with golden spikes. She also looks like she’s crying liquid gold, as queens tend to do, probably because Drake said something super sentimental that’s making her feel bad about ghosting him over the past few years.

Anyway, this cover gives us hope of a better world where kings and queens wear robes made of foil.

  • Kanye West is still talking about making a budget sneaker in collaboration with Adidas. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Ye said his goal is to make a $30 shoe, which he hopes will be “the coolest shoe of all.” We have one question: Does a man who’s $53 million in debt know what “budget” means? [Footwear News]
  • Joe Budden is taking his Drake beef and running with it—literally. Joe is now selling merchandise on his site inspired by the memes of him chasing those Drake fans who showed up to his house. You can cop the dad hat for $30. [Complex]
  • Instagram-famous Vlada Haggerty brings new meaning to her job as a makeup artist. Vlada makes full use of people’s lips, painting everything from patriotic designs to summer scenes, all the while making them drip. Her work is definitely more artistic than it is practical ’cause let’s be honest, no one’s showing up to the club drooling rose gold like so:
  • American actress, fashion designer, etc. Jessica Jung made a video for Vogue on how to look like a K-pop star. The video suggests there are actually 16 steps required to do this, but here are the only two you need: (1) wash your face and (2) be Korean.
  • 1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.