Rasheeda Frost Talks About Training as a Child with Olympic Gymnastic Coach Bela Karolyi

"Bela was there really training us and teaching us a lot of different things and to this day I still love gymnastics."

Rasheeda Frost is a rapper, a business woman, and a mother and wife but don’t think she doesn’t have more talents you’ve never seen. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star caught up with VH1 after the reunion to chat about the Olympics and how she once trained with famed gymnastic coach Bela Karolyi. Seriously.

Last year, your mom said you trained with Olympic gymnastic coach Bela Karolyi.
Rasheeda Frost: Yeah, I did.

Can you tell us about that? Were you seriously pursuing the sport? I mean Bela Karolyi is a big deal.
I really was. I was really good, like, in our whole town of Illinois I was on the gymnastics team there for many years, [from when I was] young all the way up through elementary school. I was really good. I took a whole summer, when my mom sent me to the Bela Karolyi camp, which was really expensive back then, all the way in Houston. I stayed there for like a month and change. It was like a boarding house type of thing, and you just trained everyday with you other girls who were training for the Olympics. Bela was there really training us and teaching us a lot of different things and to this day I still love gymnastics. I love to watch it, I think it’s an amazing sport.

I was always real athletic growing up. I was a cheerleader, I was a basketball player, I played softball, I did ballet, I did jazz, I did gymnastics, and I took swimming lessons. I did so many different things growing up, but between gymnastics and basketball, those were my two favorites.

Did any of the girls that you trained with go on to be in the Olympics?
No, but some of them went to on to compete in college gymnastics, and they were really good.

Will you be watching the women’s gymnastics at this year’s Olympics?
Oh, yes, that’s the main thing I watch with the Olympics. I watch the damn gymnastics. I gotta watch it.