Remember the Time Britney Spears Compared Chocolate and Sneezing to Orgasming?

"A-choo! It feels so good!"

Welcome to VH1’s new weekly series Fave Flashback, where we look back at some of your idols’ most awkward (and life-giving) interview moments. We kick off with artsy-fartsy Starbucks saint Britney Spears, circa 2001 (2002?).

The vanilla candles rights activist is infamous for giving iconic soundbites during interviews. Whether she is forgetting Taylor Swift or tooting her own horn, Spears deserves an Oscar for her cringe (and slay)-worthy interviews. Her knack for weird interviews dates back to the beginning of her career. One of her best moments is from her newsboy cap era: While touring a German chocolate factory in the early 2000s, Willy Wonkney told Extra that chocolate and sneezing (???) have “orgasmic” feelings to them. (It’s important to note that if this was pre-Crossroads newsboy cap era, Spears was still publicly claiming her virginity. So, ???.)

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