12 Female Celebrities Who Love Flashy Cars

Pull up on the haters like...

By Claire Downs
From custom sports cars to vintage hot rods, celebs love to trick out their whips. It’s not just guys, either. The hottest ladies of Hollywood have been dropping major cash on luxury rides and posting their upgrades to social media. Because what better way to make your haters jealous than showcasing your fancy whip (or your fleet of whips). Here are the sickest rides driven by the women of Hollywood, and yes, they are much faster than your sedan.

  • 1 Nicki Minaj
    When your gels match the paint job on your pink Lambo Aventador, you know you’re ballin’.

  • 2 Paris Hilton
    Getty Images
    That valet can barely bring herself to touch the window; she knows she’s in the presence of automotive greatness.

  • 3 Danica Patrick
    Getty Images
    That Chevy is definitely not street legal.

  • 4 Eve
    Eve out here making the Batmobile look soft.

  • 5 Miley Cyrus
    Getty Images
    Dope Benz, but can you park here, girl?

  • 6 Amber Rose
    Your girl rolls a Jeep as she rides high above the haters. Why? Ladies Love Cool Jeeps (LL Cool J).

  • 7 Kylie Jenner
    Decisions, decisions. Now all Kylie needs is a Lip Kit shade to match this Ferrari.

  • 8 Blac Chyna
    When bae gets you a purple Huracán Lamborghini. #BaeGoals Damn, maybe we’d date Rob too.

  • 9 Kim Kardashian
    Getty Images
    Before she upgraded to a ride more mommy-friendly, Kim K was hitting them LA streets in this 2008 Ferrari F430.

  • 10 Lady Gaga
    All Monsters know Lady Gaga loves car culture – specifically vintage muscle cars like her 1960s Chevy El Camino.

  • 11 Beyoncé
    Of course Queen Bey got her vintage Rolls Royce convertible in a shade of blue.

  • 12 Khloé Kardashian
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    You know Khloé is all business when she pulls up to the meeting in the Rolls Royce Drophead coupe.