Ain’t No Regular Schmegular Anymore: Cardi B Is Serving High Fashion Now and It’s A Great Look

We are LOVING the look!

New level, who this?

Cardi B claims she’s a regular schmegula girl from the Bronx, but her latest photo shoot proves otherwise. The Love & Hip Hop star has channeled her inner Naomi Campbell and serves straight chic and class, bih! Cardi rocks a full fro style and we must say, covered up Cardi is definitely a great look. She took to Instagram to share the slay with her supporters:

Thank you @fashionbombdaily for this amazing exclusive! (Photographer: Kat Morgan @icanonlybekat | Art Direction & Hair: Dante Blandshaw @danteblandshaw | Makeup Artist: Hector Espinal @artbyhector | wardrobe stylist: Atiba Newsome @atibanewsome | Custom Name Plates & Mouth Art (grillz) by @GoldEmperah | Visuals produced by West Rock Studio @westrockstudio
Now, THAT’S how tf you slay, mmk?

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