8 Highly Anticipated Albums That Everyone’s Still Waiting For

Frank Ocean finally released his album. These are the musical projects that we need next.

2016 has been an incredible year for music. We got new albums from Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna, and even—after an excruciatingly long wait—Frank Ocean. But now what?

Good news for us: there are several highly anticipated albums from A-list artists on the horizon. Some are confirmed, like Lady Gaga’s imminent fourth solo project. Others are pipe dreams that seem more likely with each passing day, like the Andre 3000 LP we’ve been hoping for since last decade.

Either way, we’re hyped. These are the 8 Highly Anticipated Albums that we can’t wait to listen to. Say your prayers, because we need this music in our lives.

  • Jay Z & Beyonce’s Long Rumored Joint LP

    There’s been talk of a collaborative album between Jay Z and Beyonce for years. After the release of Beyonce’s explosive Lemonade—which not-so-subtly suggests that Jay Z has been unfaithful during their marriage—everyone’s been wondering: what does Jay Z have to say about this?

    At first, there were reports that Jay was working on his own album in response to Lemonade, but now, the rumors suggest he’s working on an album…WITH HIS WIFE. There’s so much tea to be spilled. We need that!

  • Kanye West’s Nostalgically Titled Turbo Grafx 16

    Unlike most highly anticipated albums, we actually have definitive information on Kanye West’s next LP, from the man himself. Back in February, not even two weeks after The Life of Pablo dropped, West announced that he would release another album this year. Three days later, he revealed the title: Turbo Grafx 16.

    West went on to say he came up with the title “on some super nerd vibes” and that Turbo Grafx 16 was one of his “favorite gaming systems” as a kid. That summer deadline is about to pass, and Kanye’s Saint Pablo tour starts today, but we still hope that this LP is horizon.

  • That Mixtape Drake Says He’s Working On

    Drake isn’t big on taking long breaks between musical projects. Views, released back in April, is the most successful album of Drake’s career, but if one onstage rant from the Kansas City stop of his Summer Sixteen tour is to be believed, he’s already planning his next move.

    On that tour date, a few weeks ago in late July, Drake told the crowd, “When I go and work on this new mixtape and come back to Kansas City and I drop that s—t, I wanna see everybody in this motherf—r!” Not once in history have we ever complained about new music from Drake. Bring it on.

  • Missy Elliott’s Desperately Needed Comeback Project

    When Missy Elliott stole the show during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance, we assumed that a new album was on the way. When Missy Elliott released her jaw-dropping video for “WTF (Where They From),” we assumed that a new album was on the way. Unfortunately, there’s still no album.

    We showed Missy love at Hip Hop Honors last month for a reason: she’s an indisputable legend. So, naturally, the delays are breaking our heart. It’s been over a decade since her last LP!

  • Lady Gaga’s Fourth Solo Album

    Lady Gaga should be back to reclaim her pop throne any day now. Last week, she tweeted that her new single, “Perfect Illusion,” will arrive in September. The song has already topped Billboard’s Trending 140 chart, and that’s just off the strength of the announcement.

    She told iHeartRadio that “the song is about modern ecstasy.” Gaga hasn’t released a solo album in three years, but when you have as many smash hits as she does, you’re always a factor.

  • The Next Gorillaz LP

    Last month, Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn told BBC 6 radio that the new Gorillaz album “should be ready fairly soon.” This comes as good news to fans of the virtual band who’ve been waiting for a follow-up to their last record, The Fall, released five years ago.

    “Later in the year, we’ll be starting to get the whole Gorillaz thing together,” Albarn went on to say. He also added that the new, still-untitled project is “really f—king special.” We can only imagine.

  • The Andre 3000 Album We’ve Been Waiting On for A Decade

    The more reclusive half of OutKast has been teasing us with the possibility of new music for the better part of a decade. Every once in a while, he pops up with a guest verse—like he just did on Frank Ocean’s Blonde—that reminds us that he’s one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Then we’re stuck wondering: where’s the album?

    10 years ago, OutKast released the soundtrack for their film Idlewild. Three years before that, they released Speakerboxxx/The Love Below—two solo albums released as one record—and that won Album of the Year at the Grammys. Recently, while talking about his role on ABC series American Crime (of course he’s focused on acting), Andre told Billboard that he would “like to put out some kind of music project.” Let’s hope he’s not bluffing.

  • Taylor Swift’s 1989 Follow-Up

    Taylor Swift loves to write songs about the personal drama in her life. Since she released 1989 two years ago, there’s been SO MUCH DRAMA in the world of Taylor Swift that we honestly can’t wait to hear what she has to say about it all. Back in April, Swift told Vogue, “I’m always going to be writing songs. The thing is, with me, I could very well come up with three things in the next two weeks and then jump back into the studio, and all of a sudden the next record is started.”

    Prediction: it’s about to get extremely petty. We’re here for it.