Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour “Surprises” and the Art of Unexpected Guest Appearances

How musicians keep concerts exciting in a new era.

If there’s anything that Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour will be remembered for, it’s the staggering amount of A-list guest appearances at seemingly every date on the road. Drizzy’s surprised his audiences with pop-up performances from Kanye West, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, J. Cole, Eminem and more. He even had LeBron James come through and wild out onstage during a show in Ohio.

Drake is one of the few musicians who knows how to make stadiums erupt at the sight of surprise celebrity guests. Maybe it’s because he’s friends with everyone. Maybe it’s because he knows that fans are always looking for something extra special for the Gram. Either way, it works. Here are a few more times that surprises guests shattered our world and made us wish we were in the front row.

  • Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg Resurrect Tupac at Coachella

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    Dre and Snoop pulled off something unprecedented when it comes to how you expand the concert experience. With the help of holograms, Pac delivered an iconic and highly entertaining performance from the afterlife.

  • Jay Z Gets Michael Jackson to Show Up to Summer Jam

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    Fans are used to seeing celebs pop up at concerts these days. Part of that is because of Hov’s habit of using surprises appearances as a secret weapon at his shows. His greatest moment by far was the time we got the King of Pop to pull up at Summer Jam. Legendary status.

  • Solange Brings Out Her Sister in the Desert

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    Imagine you’re already having the time of your life at Coachella, watching a great set from Solange, and then she brings out Beyoncé and the two queens have a dance-off right there in front of your eyes. Amazing.

  • Rihanna Blesses Fans With the Rare Eminem Sighting

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    Slim Shady tends to lay pretty low these days, that’s why it was such a big deal when RiRi brought him out for a raving Los Angeles crowd a few years back. Their collab went to No. 1 on Billboard days later. Coincidence? Probably not.

  • Jeezy Has Andre 3000 Pop Up for a Show in Atlanta

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    Any time someone gets ATL icon 3 Stacks to make an appearance in public, it’s an accomplishment. Jeezy made it happen for his TM 101 anniversary show in Atlanta last year. Way to put on for the city.

Watch VH1 staffers rundown Drake and Rihanna’s relationship timeline in the video below.

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