Rachel Platten Compares Her A Cappella Group Experience to Pitch Perfect

"The initiation ceremony's kind of as geeky as it looks in the movie," she says.

Ever since the wide reception of Glee and Pitch Perfect, people have compared the experience of being in an a cappella group to those depicted on screen. I’ve expressed my take on these comparisons, and You Oughta Know artist Rachel Platten is sharing her own.

Rachel, who used to be in an a cappella group, says that her experience in one was actually very similar to Pitch Perfect’s storyline. In fact, she and her group watched Pitch Perfect together a few years ago while at a reunion. Rachel also revealed her solo song from a cappella years past. Find out what it was, and get to know more about this month’s YOK artist in the clip.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.