Isolated Vocal Tracks from Live Performances: the Good, the Bad and Everything in Between

They definitely weren't lip syncing.

Performing live is a true feat. I don’t know how artists do it, considering all of the risks. There’s the risk of exposing yourself, forgetting your own lyrics, blanking on the choreography (which, to me, seems a lot scarier than forgetting the lyrics), getting booed off the stage, and so much more.

When you put on a live show and you don’t lip sync, you also run the risk of messing up the vocals. The following are isolated vocal tracks from live performances by major artists. Some — Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, as expected — killed it live, while others, well, didn’t.

  • The Stunning: Adele

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    It’s been three long years, but Adele came back ready to wow this past weekend when she performed “Hello” on SNL.

  • The Good: Meghan Trainor

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    Alright, Meghan. I see you.

  • The Bad: Mariah Carey

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    The Nicki Minaj and baby reactions say everything.

  • The Actually Unbelievable: Beyonce

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    There are no words.

  • The Redemptive: Ariana Grande

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    We know Ari gets flack for not enunciating enough, but this vocals only edition of her live just goes to show how amazing her voice really is.

  • The Growl-tastic: Christina Aguilera

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    Say what you want. Christina has unparalleled vocal prowess.

  • The Expected: Katy Perry

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    So the high notes were a little rough…

  • The Slay: Demi Lovato

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    Do it, Demi!

  • The Meh: Rihanna

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    Still love the song, though.

  • The Forever Eccentric: Lady Gaga

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    And forever in our hearts as a result. <3

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.