Never Forget That Tahiry Made The Most Awkward Music Video, Ever

Tahiry, we love you, girl, but...

Did you forget that Tahiry Jose made music in the form of the song “Devil”? Back when Tahiry was still kicking it with Joe Budden she unveiled the video for her single on Love & Hip Hop. “Devil” was inspired by the model’s on-again, off-again relationship with the rapper. The video is, well, interesting. But do you, Tahiry, bb!

In this behind the scenes video we get to see Tahiry get some direction like, “Face the camera when you’re doing that, baby” and “Dangling, dangling, dangling, and drop.” LOLZ. It’s basically like listening to Martin Scorcese or Spike Lee give director commentary to a music video.
What do you think of Tahiry’s foray into music?