Let’s Recap Miley Cyrus’ Big Night at the amfAR Gala

One minute she's ready to flash us, the next she's crying. It was a roller coaster of emotions for us all.

As expected, Miley Cyrus turned heads last night at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York. I mean, it was a big night for her. She was honored with the AIDS research foundation’s Inspiration Award, unveiled the Caitlyn Collection of her Dirty Hippie line, and refused to shave her armpits. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll reconsider ever shaving again after witnessing Miley’s crazy series of events last night.

  1. First: the dress


    Only Cupid’s throwup would look so magical.

  2. Her date

    Agender writer/model Tyler Ford accompanied Miley at the event, and it was pretty much love. Yesterday, Miley revealed her date on Instagram, telling us Tyler’s pronouns are they/them/theirs. Teach us, Miley, TEACH US <3

  3. Tish’s nip slip.


    No better place to be free, I guess.

  4. Oh, and here’s Laverne.

    Slay Queen.

  5. The part when she DGAF and wore caution tape

    Is that even caution tape? Idk.

  6. And almost licked Andy Cohen’s face


    Don’t we all want to, though?

  7. The armpit hair


    Because it’s her night and she can grow her armpit hair if she wants to.

  8. The big reveal

    Miley auctioned off three framed, neon-decorated, signed copies of Caitlyn Jenner’s VF cover.

  9. Then she wanted to flash everyone


    To get the bidding money higher, she worked the crowd. “My left boob is bigger than the right – I’ll show you!,” she said. “What about $69,000? I’ll clean your house … naked!” And yes, they were sold for $69,000.

  10. She cried in the emotional speech


    When accepting the Inspiration Award, Miley thanked others who have paved the way and spoke to her Happy Hippie Foundation for homeless and LGBT youth. “I promise to continue to fight along … for a cure for this epidemic,” she said. Then came the tears for her parents: “I just wanna tell you how much I love you, and … I’m gonna f—ing cry like a loser.” And when she looked straight into your teenage soul: “I just wanna tell my parents that I hope that this makes them proud and somehow makes up for all the s–t that I do, all the time.”

  11. Then she told everyone to get their s— together.


    “If I know anything after doing this for however [long] that I’ve been doing this, nothin’ means s– except f—in’ helping people.” Got it?

All in all, I’d say it was a great night. Wouldn’t you agree, M?
Pave the way girl, and pave it with your pits out.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.