Was Katy Perry Being a Shade Queen By Filming Herself As Kanye West Rapped a Taylor Swift Diss?

Shady or nah?

Any hopes of a Katy Perry and Taylor Swift reconciliation remains on very shaky ground. Perry attended Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” tour in LA last night (Tuesday, October 25) and there was a moment when the “Teenage Dream” singer was likely aiming a shade dart at her former friend.

The birthday girl shared an Instagram story getting her groove on as Kanye West rapped his now infamous line, “I made that b-tch[Taylor Swift] famous.”

We all know, T-Swift’s name-drop is one of the most controversial lyrics in the song, but the way Katy Perry moved her face closer to the camera at the exact moment Yeezy mentioned her friend-turned-enemy, gave all kinds of glorious shade vibes. The beef over the song stirred all kinds of drama this past summer. Kim Kardashian damn near broke the internet when she pulled out receipts to prove that her husband had Swift’s blessing for the lyric.

One Twitter user couldn’t help but bask in the shade.

The pop stars have been battling it out publicly since Swift mentioned their fall out in a September 2014 Rolling Stone interview. Since then they’ve traded shots through the media, sub-tweets and other forms of social media shade.