Drake Introduced Taylor Swift to His Mom, But Let’s Kill Those Messy Dating Rumors

Just friends, no benefits.

By Jasmine Washington

Being introduced to someone’s parents is usually a big deal, but that’s not the case for Drake and Taylor Swift. Sources close to the pair have quickly shut down rumors of a union between the two superstars.

Speculation of a potential situationship between Drizzy and T-Swift emerged after he reportedly introduced her to the closest people in his life, including his mother, at his 30th birthday party.

So, no, Drake and Taylor won’t be trading any mushy love songs about their situation anytime soon, and that’s perfectly fine with the people who are not ready to ’ship them.

Can they live? Two extremely successful, equally gorgeous and single people like Drake and TayTay would absolutely make the ultimate power couple, but they are totally capable of being friends without any benefits, IRL. Plus, are we really ready for this love connection? It just seems like too much coming on the heels of Taylor’s split from Tom Hiddleston and Drizzy’s on-and-off again thing with Rihanna reportedly being in off mode right now. Let’s not rush into things people. Especially when, honestly and truly, its really none of our damn business what these two grown ass adults do together.

Trust, if it ever happened we’d be all up in the celebration too!

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