Lyrica Anderson Turns Up For Erica Mena’s 29th Birthday

Well would ya look at that!

It’s nice to see these two know each other.

Earlier this week (11/8) former Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena recently celebrated her 29th birthday and Hollywood cast member Lyrica Anderson linked for the turn up. In a video posted to Lyrica’s Instagram page, the two ladies are seen vibin’ together as they get their front-face camera on. Lyrica captioned, “Happy bday [Erica] had a blast wit u”

Happy bday @iamerica_mena had a blast wit u #Lhhh #Vh1 #Blessed

Erica looked bad as always on her actual birthday (insert four regular “heart eyes” emojis and one “cat heart eyes” emoji here).

Love it! Happy birthday Erica!

Lyrica Anderson isn’t the only one who shows Mena some love, check out this video of Remy Ma speaking on how dope Erica is:

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