Just Because The Diplomats Aren’t Getting Back Together Anytime Soon Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Appreciate Their Greatest Hits

I'm going to need Cam and Jim to just hold it down one time.

Juelz Santana is way more than the newest member of Love & Hip Hop (like, way more, that’s not even a debate). He is and always will be known as one of the original members of The Diplomats, one of the most iconic hip hop groups of all time.

What would the rap game be like if Juelz, Freaky Zeaky, Cam’ron, and Jim Jones never disbanded Dipset? Le sigh. The world may never know.

During their history-making run in the rap game, the Harlem boys were viewed as controversial and downright rude, with colorful straightforward lyrics. Their clever spin and hilariously incongruous verses made them just as lovable. Although lewd, their music was and is appreciated for not just contributing to the culture, but for leading it. Although we can’t get a reunion any time soon — whomp — we can still take a trip down memory lane as we are forever indebted to these legends for their impact on hip-hop.

Check out our exclusive interview with Juelz Santana where he speaks on the status of his relationship with the other members of Dipset.

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