Snoop Dogg’s Reaction to Kanye West’s Jay Z/Beyoncé Rant at Sacramento Show Is Right on Point

Kanye and Stacey Dash haven't been in the same since the airport.

We miss the old Kanye.

Snoop Dogg’s reaction to Kanye’s latest rant at his Sacramento show was the perfection depiction of “mood” for fans everywhere. On Saturday night (11/19) the candid rapper interrupted his concert to come at Beyoncé, Jay Z and basically everyone.

The once beloved My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy rapper went awf, beginning his rant by telling radio to go eff themselves. Granted he did kind of make a point of the same songs being played in rotation every hour but he took a weird turn when he announced he was “taking [Trump’s] lead” by being candid in an effort to “win”.

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