Amber Rose is Taking a Break From Social Media For the Rest of the Year

Muva needs some time off.

Muva is taking a little break.

Early Monday (November 28), Amber Rose went to Instagram to reveal she would take the rest of 2016 off from handling her social media pages. Don’t worry, her profiles will continuously be updated with Amber content throughout her absence, but by her assistant.
We don’t blame her. Every celebrity needs a break now and then from the nasty comments and Internet trolls they face everyday. It’s usually around this time people start to take breaks from the social media life, especially for their New Year resolution. Rose isn’t the only one celeb taking time off.

A couple weeks ago, Kendall Jenner made a mysterious departure from Instagram, along side her big sis Kim Kardashian going ghost from the Internet after her Paris robbery incident. Selena Gomez also took a leave from social media for a couple months now, but made a triumphant to the ’Gram on Thanksgiving. It’s that time of year.

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