Is Tommie Really Still That Mad At Joseline? She’s Certainly Acting Like It

Tommie has some maternity advice for Joseline.

—Jasmine Grant

Apparently, the beef is still brewing between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast mates Joseline Hernandez and Tommie Lee. If you remember, the former friends have been going at each other since Joseline suspected Tommie of trying to arrange secret hotel meetings with Stevie J. This all came to a head when Tommie allegedly tried to run Joseline over with her car, leading Joseline to obtain a restraining order against Tommie.

Fast forward to present day, Joseline is a glowing mommy-to-be and all is good in the hood, right? Wrong. Tommie has been shooting not-so-subliminal jabs at Joseline over her sexy pregnancy style. The first of which was a message for Joseline’s friend and hair stylist Alonzo Arnold, whom she indirectly blames for The Puerto Rican princess’s look. “I’m convinced your not a friend,” Tommie commented under a photo Alonzo posted of Joseline.
As if that weren’t petty enough, Tommie decided to let us know her definition of proper maternity wear. She posted photos of expectant mothers Jordyn Craig (ex-girlfriend of Khloe Kardashian’s boo Tristan Thomas) and her younger cousin to demonstrate how pregnant women ought to dress. “Hats off to women who know there [sic] not carrying a litter b—h you not dropping Blu pits.” Shots fired!
Not to be outdone, Joseline issued a comeback of her own for Tommie’s shady disses that proves she’s still unbothered. In a photo taken at her upcoming delivery shoot wearing a sexy bralette and showing off her growing belly, she writes “Hoes be mad!”
We love that Joseline’s just being Joseline, right down to her maternity clothes, but obviously it’s an issue that has people divided.