From Scoot-E-Bikes To Cognac To Coconut Oil: Here’s The Essential Gift Guide for True VH1 Fans

Don't worry, we got you.

Traditional holiday gifts can be uber-boring, which is why we are so grateful that the stars of VH1 are so bossy. Many of the folks you all know and adore from Love & Hip Hop, Mob Wives, and Basketball Wives all have their own businesses and/or a little something for sale. Jordan’s Top Three’s are cool, but also pretty pricey. Perhaps bae would appreciate a bottle of Rich Dollaz’ liquor, 79 Gold Caramel Spirit. You got that one friend who’s always ashy? Wrap up some of Safaree’s coconut oil for his or her dry a—. Here’s a comprehensive list of what all of our faves have to offer just in time for the holidays!

  • Cyn Santana’s Nu Clothing Line

    Cyn Santana’s Nu line has everything sexy and sheek for the ladies. No doubt, Cyn is doing her thing with this one. You can definitely rack up on some dope gifts for all of your homegirls or girlfriend here. You may even throw a couple of things in the cart for yourself.

  • Ray J’s Scoot-E-Bike

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    Want to apologize to your girl for pushing her in a pool after she threw her champagne on you? Get her a Scoot-E-Bike. We told you Ray J was so serious with this. You can even preorder one here just in time for Christmas!

  • Papoose’s Black Love Apparel

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    Ladies, if you’re tired of your trifling man but you’re still feeling him, get him a Black Love fitted from Remy and Pap’s online store. No, he probably won’t turn into a Papoose, but one step closer right?

  • Safaree Samuel’s Coconut Oil

    Don’t let your bestie walk around looking dusty. Get him or her some of Safaree’s coconut oil from his site.

  • Rasheeda’s Pressed Clothing Line

    Fellas, just because your mother-in-law ran over your motorcycle with her car doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve something nice for the holiday. If you’re in ATL, stop by Rasheeda’s store Pressed to pick up something nice for her. Not in the A? The online store is fully stocked.

  • Snoop’s Book, Grace After Midnight

    It came out some years ago, but everyone loves Snoop. Why not pick up Snoop’s book Grace After Midnight for some light reading after a slightly racheta episode of Love & Hip Hop!

  • Jackie Christie’s Bossard Cognac

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    Do you have a homegirl who loves to drink, wear custom-made dresses, rip them off in public, and scream in the street because she can’t breathe? Well, Bossard is perfect! For $42.99, you won’t pronounce anything right, but will still have the confidence to engage in conversation that’s lit.

  • Rich Dollaz’ 79 Gold Caramel Spirit

    Always that one friend who’s a 40-something-year-old self-proclaimed creep who dates women close in age to their daughters. It happens. A gift like 79 Gold Caramel Spirit is designed just for them! Cop that.

  • PreMadonna’s Waist Trainers

    If all of the ladies of your gang gang gang have their waists snatched but you still have that one who’s not quite there, get Spongebob one of Premadonna’s Waist trainers. She’s having a huge sale with certain items up to 60% off so you can have your “new year, new me” pics poppin’ for January.

  • Erika Deshazo’s “Learn Your Place” Apparel

    For your homegirl who loves flashing her ring but isn’t legally married, Erika Deshazo’s dad hat would legit be the perfect gift! Don’t even have to speak to let them know to learn their place. Bloop!

  • Draya Michele’s Mint Swim Collection

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    Get your ace boon coon any piece from Draya’s Mint Swim collection so they can stunt on all the basic body heauxs outchea! Disclaimer: won’t help with cooking skills.

  • Evelyn Lozada’s T-Shirt Shop

    For those of you who knows that one chick who always has to remind a heaux, Evelyn Lozada’s Spreadshirt page fits right in. Look through different options of t-Shirts to speak for your friend so he/she won’t have to.

  • Bambi’s Shimmer Lite Hair Extensions

    Fellas, your girl left you for a min so you can get your ish together? Did a sexy former stripper who describes herself using currency almost mess up your situation? Nothing says Merry Christmas and I appreciate you like the Bamb’s Shimmer Extensions! Reasonably priced, you can purchase that quality virgin hair here.

  • Tammy Rivera’s T-Rivera Swim Line

    Any piece from this line would be the ideal gift for your independent friend who unapologetically holds her man down, “as a woman.” The collection is super dope. You can purchase some really sexy swimwear here.

  • Erica Dixon’s Children’s Book, Introducing Southern Bell

    This gift is perfect, for the kids. Available at , Introducing Southern Bell was written to inspire any child!

  • Christmas Cards

    Do you just want a dope card to give to that special family member? Well, this Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta-inspired card is so trill that the person you give it to won’t realize you ain’t get them no real gift! Everyone wins. Check it out!

  • More Christmas Cards

    Not really a fan of the Puerto Rican Princess? Well, ladies love The Game. Etsy offers these custom designed cards guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

  • Drita D’Avanzo’s Lady Boss Collection

    Have a friend who always wants to bury a mother f—er in the dirt but doesn’t always look too great while they’re making threats? Literally anything from Drita’s Lady Boss Line would serve as a great gift. Whether apparel, skincare, or jewelry, this mob wife has several products available for purchase.

  • Malaysia Pargo’s Bedding

    Are you a shade queen? Nothing says petty like gifting this to that one low-key hater sleeping on you. These stylish sheets are available on

  • Jessica Dime’s Pink Piece Collection

    A fierce present for a friend who can rock the s–t out of a catsuit, bundles from the Jessica Dime’s Pink Piece Collection are available for purchase.

  • Natalie Guercio’s Hair On Fleek

    This mob wife has a holiday sale going on so if you’re stumped on what to get that one comrade with a filthy mouth, Hair on Fleek got you. It won’t wash away the profanities, but at least your hair will be clean while popping off!

  • K. Michelle’s More Issues Than Vogue

    And finally, for that one opinionated friend who shakes tables, this gift will calm them down real quick with the soothing sounds of K. Michelle’s More Issues Than Vogue. For $12.99 this CD Bundle is worth more than every penny.

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